Here are some of our general policies that we believe are important to highlight:

Central office and Franchisee

It is the customer’s responsibility to hire a WTS Digital Franchisee for the organization of their trip. It is important to note that each WTS Digital Franchise is an independent legal company, with different corporate records and tables of the Matrix, and therefore, legally responds individually to any situation that may occur to its customers, regardless of nature.


For all travel services, our forms of payment are by credit card, cash or installment, made through a completed and signed debit authorization form, which must be sent together with the customer’s identity document. Payments for courses abroad can be made directly to the schools, by the client himself, or through deposit identified to the WTS parent.


We emphasize that we respect the personal information of all our customers, so we do not pass it on to third parties, whether these individuals or legal entities of any nature. Exceptions apply to business transactions between customers and service providers of WTS, whose purpose is to confirm contracted services such as reservations, purchases, or, in other cases, by express legal determination. Such information will be used only for purposes of registration, sending news and promotions of interest to the client.

Information and images

All information and images used on the WTS website are of legal and exclusive use of this company, being expressly prohibited its use, copy or plagiarism by third parties. Unless duly authorized by the WTS Matrix.

Third party

We are not responsible for information from third-party sites that might make any kind of link on the WTS website. We understand that this information is the full responsibility of the site in question, and that for obvious reasons we can not assume content errors contained therein.


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WTS Australia

Central Office
Sydney, NSW
+61 431 708 919

WTS is a specialized company in education and travel programs around the world.
Organize trips and courses abroad, fostering education and the cultural growth of society.
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